General Information

Founded in 2011, the Lou Fusz Goalkeeping Academy has quickly become one of the top, private goalkeeping programs in the Mid-West. The Lou Fusz Goalkeeping Academy is offering its 5th annual Winter Indoor Program this fall for goalkeepers ready for intense, focused, small group training sessions.  Programs are available for goalkeepers of all ages and abilities.

Each installment of the Winter Goalkeeping Academy will consist of (6) 70-minute sessions where goalkeepers will work on the advanced techniques, and methods of the position, as well as, get an intense physical workout, specifically designed for the position.  High School and Youth Elite groups will work side by side in programs that will be sure to suit the needs of all goalkeepers, no matter the age nor playing level.

All sessions will be run by LFSC Goalkeeping Director, Franco Carotenuto, along with his staff of professional coaches, and highly regarded former collegiate goalkeepers.  Carotenuto holds the United States Soccer Federation ‘A’ Coaching License, as well as, the USSF highest level Goalkeeping Certification in addition to his professional and collegiate playing background.

Academy to begin December 5, 2017 and run every Tuesday and Thursday through January 25, 2018 on the artificial turf at the indoor facility at the former NFL Rams Park.

All programs are grouped into sets of 6 training sessions for only $145 each. Tuesday and/or Thursday programs available in both December and January.

All Lou Fusz Soccer Club camps are open to the public. Tuitions can be prorated with advanced notice of scheduling conflicts.

Discounts are available for LFSC members, returning participants, and siblings!!

NOTE:  Our online registration system allows for one applicant PER email address.  If registering multiple individuals, please use different email address per applicant.  If unable to register, please contact Franco Carotenuto ( 

Participation Waiver

NOTE:  During the registration process, you will be asked to acknowledge the following participation waiver for the LFA Academy Programs.

I am the parent or legal guardian of the above-named player, who is under the age of 21 years, and I do hereby consent to the player’s participation in the sport of soccer as a player with Lou Fusz Soccer Club Development Academy (hereinafter referred to as LFSC), and such participation includes but is not limited to all practice sessions, scrimmages and games. Additionally, I do hereby release and forever discharge said LFSC from any and all liability whatsoever and from any claim or any action or any claim for relief which may be asserted against said LFSC or against any individual who is a member of said LFSC including players as well as adults, by reason of any injury said player may receive or incur while participating in the sport of soccer and said soccer-related activities as set forth above or in the transportation of said player to or from any game or soccer-related activity. Additionally, I hereby authorize LFSC personnel to seek emergency medical and/or dental treatment for said player by a doctor of medicine or by a doctor of dentistry, so long as they are licensed to practice by any state of the United States, or to seek said treatment by any qualified paramedic or nurse. I agree to pay for said medical and/or dental treatment to the extent that any medical or dental insurance that may cover said player is insufficient. Finally, I represent to LFSC that I have, personal medical health insurance that will provide coverage for said player in case any accident or injury should occur relative to any practice, any game or any soccer-related activity. I further understand that having such medical health insurance is an express condition to said player’s participation with LFSC and that the policy is in force and that such policy shall remain in force while said player is a member of any LFSC activity, or said policy shall be substituted for by another policy. I further agree to inform LFSC of any changes to the above facts and information as quickly as possible. I give permission for the image or likeness of my child to be used by the Lou Fusz Soccer Club on its website, social media accounts and in various  publications/emails about its programs.  I give permission for the Lou Fusz Soccer Club to contact me with information about my child or my child’s program via a pre-recorded phone message or mobile text message to any of the phone numbers listed on this form.

I hereby acknowledge that it is my sole obligation to pay whatever expenses may be incurred relative to medical and/or dental treatment for said player to the extent that said family or personal medical insurance is not sufficient.

I hereby acknowledge that I have read all of the foregoing information and that I understand such information and I hereby acknowledge my consent to said player’s participation relative to all foregoing statements, representations and conditions.